Ad Report Tool

Welcome to our Ad Report page. Just like you, we hate annoying ads. If an ad has violated our policies, you can use the information on this page to help report it to us. Thank you for taking the time to make ProBoards a better place!

What ads violate ProBoards' policies?

We prohibit ads that:

  • annoy us (rapidly flashing, bouncing, etc)
  • automatically play audio
  • attempt to redirect you to another page
  • attempt to install software on your computer or device
  • promote adult content or services

Important! How do I report an ad?

It is very important that you report the correct ad from the list below. Each time you load a page on a ProBoards forum, we ask your browser to remember which ad was served to it. Using this information we have created the below "Recent Ad List" which shows you which pages you visited and when you visited them.

Using the Recent Ad List, look at the the URL and the time listed. Find the entry that matches the exact page you were visiting when the problem ad occurred and has the exact time that you viewed the page. When you have found this, click the "Report" button next to that entry. Last, fill out the form that pops up and click submit to send your report to us.

iOS Users

If you do not see anything below and are using an iPhone or iPad, please check your settings. Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies > and set to "Always Allow"

Recent Ad List

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